Eva Unit- 13 Evangelion: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO

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EVANGELION 13 that appeared in "EVANGELION:3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO." comes to life through Kotobukiyas plastic model kit series! This model kit features a precise joint design with the use of CAD technology and a sophisticated form created by the hands of highly-skilled sculptors to create this definitive Evangelion plastic model kit.Many extra parts are included within this voluminous plastic model kit so users can recreate various action scenes from the movie.- Model Specifications:·Movable Jaw: By adjusting the jaw joint, users can open the models mouth.·4-Arm State: Recreate the Evangelion with its four arms through interchangeable parts.·Equipping the Guard Unit Storage Blocks: Equip by exchanging the shoulder part.·Combining Spears: Merge the two spears with the included attachment part.·Interlocking Knee Joints: The front thighs and kneecaps are interlocked and can be moved.·Interlocking Neck Joints: The throat joint is interlocked enabling the model to look up.·Connecting Guard Unit Bases: The edge of each base can be interlocked with each other. ·Compatible with Flying Base Neo (Sold Separately): Attach by exchanging the back hip parts.- Included Hand Parts:·Closed fists (left and right), open hands (left and right), gun-holding (left and right), and grabbing hands (left and right). For the extra two arms, open hands (left and right), gun-holding (left and right), and grabbing hands (left and right) are included.·With the wide variety of hand parts, users can recreate many scenes from the series.- Included Items:·Gun x2·Guard Units x4·Guard Unit Supports (Long) x4·Guard Unit Supports (Short) x4·Guard Unit Bases x4·Guard Unit Storage Blocks x4·Chest Parts for Attaching the Four Arms·Attachment Part for Combining Spears- Pre-Painted Parts: ·Some of the parts are pre-painted such as the the detailed parts around the head, allowing users to recreate EVANGELION 13 from the film with ease.(This item is a reproduction.)


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General Warning: Products may contain sharp objects, and are a possible choking hazard.
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