Dspiae HC-V Portable handheld vacuum cleaner

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Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful motor | Multiple use | Blow & Suction dual function

  • Powerful Motor: High Speed Motor with 35000rpm
  • Dual Function Design: A hand held vacuum cleaner as well as powerful blower
  • Extra Endurance: 2x high capacity Li-Fe batteries for extra endurance
  • Wireless Operation: Light weight portable design, ideal for multiple life scenes

Body Construction

  • Dust-proof cover: Protects nozzles from dust
  • Suction nozzle: For instillation of brushed suction head and/or extension pipe
  • Dust collector cup: High capacity transparent dust collector clearly shows the dust level
  • High efficiency filter mesh: A filter mesh comply with HEPA standards can filter 99.7% of dust with 0.3 micron diameter and up
  • High speed motor: A motor with 35000rpm provides longer work life
  • Indicator light: a slowly flashing white light indicates charging in progress. A steady white light indicates charging completed / working status
  • Function key: Keep pressing for 2 seconds to power on. A short press for stage 1 power output, one more press for stage 2 output, and press again for power off
  • High Capacity Li-Fe batteries: 2 x 2600mAh Li-Fe battery for great endurance
  • Type C charge port: Utilize contemporary mainstream charging port to guarantee effective charging
  • The blower nozzle: Blower hose installation

Packing List

A flannel bag is provided for safe protection of your vacuum cleaner both in transportation and daily use, keep it clean from dust.

  • 1x Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1x Brush head
  • 1x Extension tube
  • 1x Blower hose w/nozzle
  • 1x Type-C to USB wire
  • 1x Flannel bag
  • 1x Instruction booklet


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