Hitekkai Ikaruga [Black] [ETA Jan- Feb 2022]

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-Mold color change, special decals added! From [White] to [Black]! [Attribute change] Ikaruga [black] released!
-One of the reasons why Ikaruga is still recognized as a "name shooter" [attribute change system]. This product reproduces this system with a plastic kit.
-Ikaruga By combining the base of white, the entire enemy's final enemy [David yellow cinhal mass] (Ubus nagamiowinokani) appears. (Base-to-base connection parts are included only with this kit)
-Also comes with [special detail up decals] that can be used on both machines.
-Of course Ikaruga [force release] inherited from white release state reproduction gimmick, reproduction of highly precise detail and form, accretion arm deployment gimmick by replacement is alive and well.
-Please enjoy the heroism of two types of Ikaruga by all means [White] and [Black].

-Prototype: Taiji Izeya

1/144 Scale