Karina Mikazuki LBCS:ACHILLES

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Model Specifications:
This multi-colored plastic kit includes pre-painted parts, allowing users to achieve a finished look simply by assembling the kit.
The kit includes four face parts: “default/facing forward,” “concept art/facing right,” “shouting,” and “smiling.”
The face parts are all pre-printed, with no decals or painting required.
The kit includes four sets of PVC hand parts: closed, open, and two types of weapon holding hands.
The kit includes a pre-printed cloth cape with wires for posing.
The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.
The skirt is moveable, giving the legs a wider range of movement.
The kit comes with a lance, shield, and three types of attachment parts for the shield.
The attachment part of the included base can be moved up and down.

Ages 15+ 
General Warning: Products may contain sharp objects, and are a possible chocking hazard.
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