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Release date May 2021

Known as "The Last Crossbone Gundam", Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth is now released from METAL BUILD.
Full Cloth Unit composite armor enables both elasticity and explosive acceleration, and can move flexibly in various places.
Each part can be purged, so you can recreate a lot of scenes with a wide range of movement.
Deploying the Peacock Smasher is realized with one simple action, and the Muramasa Blaster is equipped with a gun mode/sword mode transformation function.
Also included are chest parts, Zan Buster, Screw Web, and more, which lets you reproduce the Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai-Kai (Skull Heart) state.
The main body coloring has the look of a hero that survived a battle. This is the definitive edition of Crossbone Gundam.


Contents include 

   ・Main body
 ・Exchangeable left hand x 4, Exchangeable right hand x 5

   ・Exchangeable head
 ・Exchangeable antenna parts
 ・Exchangeable chest parts
 ・Full Cloth
 ・Core Fighter
 ・Peacock Smasher x 1
 ・Muramasa Blaster x 1
 ・Muramasa Blaster blade set
 ・Screw Web x 2
 ・Beam Saber x 2
 ・Beam Saber blade x 2
 ・Scissor Anchor chain x 2
 ・Brand Marker effect x 2
 ・Heat Dagger blade x 2
 ・Buster Gun x 1
 ・Beam Zanber x 1
 ・Beam Zanber effect set
 ・Beam Shield x 2
 ・Skull Head joint parts set
 ・Dedicated stand set

  Ages 15+ 
General Warning: Products may contain sharp objects, and are a possible chocking hazard.
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