MG 1/100 Re-GZ Custom [ ETA Aug. 2023 ]

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack MSV", Re-GZ Custom, an aircraft developed from Re-GZ, is now available in the Master Grade series!
The aircraft shape is reproduced with new molding. In addition, a transformation mechanism to wave rider form is implemented in accordance with the setting!

● Reproduce the aircraft shape with new MG-compliant modeling!
New parts are added based on MG Re-GZ, and the shape of Re-GZ Custom is pursued.
Various parts such as the head, chest, waist, and legs are reproduced with new modeling!

・ Head The
characteristic head is reproduced with new modeling. By carrying a V-shaped antenna, the face is closer to Gundam type than Re-GZ.

The greatly expanded duct and the cockpit hatch with added details are reproduced with new modeling.

The exterior with ducts on the front, back, and sides is reproduced with new modeling.
The duct part reproduces the coloring as set by molding color and parts division.

・Arms The
forearms reminiscent of the Z Gundam are reproduced with new modeling.
The grenade launcher in the arm inherited from Re-GZ is equipped with a slide gimmick and an opening and closing gimmick.

・ Legs
MG While following the design of Re-GZ, the shape of Re-GZ Custom is reproduced with new modeling.

・The lumbar
front armor has a new duct. In addition, the beam gun parts on both sides are sharply shaped.

● Updated shoulder joints for dynamic poses!
Updated the shoulder joint of the base MG Re-Gazi.
By swinging forward and moving upward, it is three-dimensional with the movable performance of the latest MG format.

You can smoothly pose with both hands holding the main weapon, the Beam Assault Rifle, and wielding the Hyper Beam Saber.

● Equipped with a back weapon system, the transformation into wave rider mode is completely reproduced!
The downsized back weapon system is three-dimensionalized with new modeling.
Completely reproduces the transformation to wave rider form. Also, when in MS mode, the nose part can be folded back and stored.

● Reproduce the characteristic Re-GZ Custom armament with new modeling!

Beam Assault Rifle Beam Assault Rifle,
the main weapon, is three-dimensionalized with new modeling.

Beam Gun The
waist beam gun can be raised forward.

Hyper Beam Saber The Hyper Beam Saber
, which is also part of the Beam Cannon, is reproduced with new modeling.

●Various hand parts are included
Newly adopted hand parts that are ideal for poses such as holding weapons.
In addition to new gripping hand parts for the Hyper Beam Saber, a wide variety of facial expression hand parts are included.

● Newly designed water slide decal included!

Attached armed: Beam Assault Rifle / Hyper Beam Saber / Shield

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