MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack D Type & G Type

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Does not include MG Gundam F90

Contents include:

5-series rocket pack / 4-series grenade rack
Equipped with a large 5-series rocket pack on the arm. The quadruple grenade racks on both shoulders are equipped with independent movable gimmicks for each cylinder.

MS cracker
Includes 2 MS crackers that can be attached to the front skirt.

Mega Gatling Gun The Mega Gatling Gun
connected to the back of the waist is equipped with a movable gimmick up, down, left and right.
The belt that connects the connection base is made of a soft material.

High-mobility booster The high-mobility booster on the
sides of both legs has been precisely reproduced up to the thrusters in various places.

-G type (guard) type of security and escort specifications
A mission pack newly drawn by Mr. Kunio Okawara.
Large multiple beam weapons and large shields are three-dimensionalized with new modeling!

Multiple beam weapon The
handle part rotates, and it is possible to switch between "sword form" and "rifle form".
Comes with a large beam blade effect for sword form.

Large shield
Reproduce the large shield that covers the left shoulder. Various poses are possible by flipping up the side part to the top.

Ages 15+ 
General Warning: Products may contain sharp objects, and are a possible chocking hazard.
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