Transformers Masterpiece 53 Skids [ETA December 2021- January 2022]

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Producing as "Masterpiece"series, "Honda City Turbo" is completely reproduced with a regular license from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.! In Robot mode, adopted a hybrid design created from animation settings, initial toys, and illustrations in the design of the actual Honda City! It is fully-poseable and included two types of weapons, "Liquid Nitrogen Rifle" and "Twin Electron Blaster". Weapons can be stored in City Turbo's hatchback. Take a spin in a Honda City Turbo with your very own Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-53 Skids! The blue Autobot from Cybertron is back, this time in a licensed Honda Motor Co. Ltd van. Complete with instructions and collector card, kids and adults stuck in the 1980s ages 15 and up will find lots to like with this retro-inspired warrior from another planet. You'll love the van and robot mode, both of which have places to put the liquid nitrogen rifle and twin electron blaster.

Ages 15+ 

General Warning: Products may contain sharp objects, and are a possible chocking hazard.
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