Welcome to the shop!

We are U.S. based hobby shop currently based in southern California. We sell unique products that are not common in U.S. to make them more accessible for local hobbyist. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are currently heading into the holiday season. Which means our local carriers are expected to have delays, which can extend delivery dates up to several days. The shop will start slowing down on shipments coming in from our local distributors, and our distributors overseas. Shipments from overseas will have longer ETA's, with wait times up to 6 months. We appreciate your understanding during this time, and remind everyone to be responsible this holiday season. 

- Brandon Preves

2020 Bracket Challange

Our Store is currently having a build off! This build off will be a bracket system where you don't know who will be your first opponent. The grand prize is a PG Rx-78-2 Titanium Finish Gundam Base Exclusive Model kit. To learn how to enter, please follow our Facebook page at The Gunpla Hermits Shop, LLC.

Our Sponsored Builders

RB Gunpla Works

Ryan Bartoletti is a great artist who has tons of experience in resin builds, and LED installations. He is a southern California native who is currently living in Japan (Lucky). Use his permanant coupon code RBGUNPLA10 to save 10%

French Bread Builds

Jerry Brioche is an artist who is looking for the next challenge to fine tune his skills, from full resin kits, to fully painting mechanicore kits. Soon to be one of the great builders in our community. Use his permanent coupon code FRENCHBREAD10 to save 10%