• Pre-Order/ Cancellation/ Shipping


    • Warehouse Stock:

    - All warehouse stock items are final sale after shipped. If you would like to cancel an order please follow instruction below. You can either have a cash refund, or a refund via Hermit points per request. Cancellations are subject to fees

    • Pre-Order/ backorders:

    Can be canceled at anytime, cancelations are subject to fees. Please keep your email invoice so you can edit, or cancel with ease. After 6 months PayPal, and credit cards won't accept refunds (it exceeds their grace period) we can easily refund you via Hermit points. 

    We don't ship your order until all preorders come in. Please keep in mind before purchasing and in stock item with a preorder. 

     • Credit Card Cancellation Fees will cost 3.2% of your entire order.

     • PayPal Cancellation Fees will cost 3.63% + .40 cents of your entire order.

    • There are some exceptions to waived fees. Here are two examples 

          1) 4 months passed original Estimated Time of Arrival date.

           2) Distributors canceled our shops orders.

    • We accept returns, but the buyer pays for the postage. 



    -How To Cancel An Order

    Please contact me at

    These revisions are in effect immediately 

    Revised December 22th 2022