Shipping policy

* $10 dollar Flat Rate Continental U.S.

* $15 dollar Flat Rate Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii

* Out of United States buyers, please email me at so I can get you a shipping quote. 

* Prices are USD

* Free Shipping from Overseas                              All free shipping items get shipped straight from supplier, please email the owner Brandon Preves at for questions.

7- 49 days shipping times before reaching buyer

40- 60 days During November- December

*Free Shipping from the United States.                All Purchases over 200 has free shipping within the Continental United states.

* Orders will be shipped when all items are available. Will not ship items separately.

* Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii do not have free shipping at this time. The flat rate of 15 dollars will be applied at check out.

* Our two main sources for products come from Hong Kong, and Japan, are expected to have box damage, no refunds will be granted for box damage. Only time a refund can be issued is when items are missing, broken, or shipment has gone missing. All Premium Bandai, and Hong Kong pre-orders/ backorders fall into this category. By placing an order for these products, you accept these terms, and condition.

*International Shipping
We are fully expanding our customer base by going international, and to serve all hobbies across the globe

*Shipping Methods
We currently offer the following shipping methods for international delivery:

USPS International Priority 
Some shipping methods explicitly state which carrier will be used. Other shipping methods may use a variety of carriers depending on the properties of the package. If you choose a method where multiple carriers can be used, you cannot request a specific carrier.

*All shipping method options are detailed during checkout. Shipping fees as well as delivery estimates are shown for each shipping method. 

*Shipping Fees
Shipping fees are based on actual product weights or dimensions. Dimensional weight reflects how much space a package takes in a truck or plane.

*Shipping fees for in stock items: The shipping fees displayed during checkout for in stock items are the actual rates you will pay. The rates do not include any taxes, duties, or customs fees that may be assessed by the destination country. Please note that some items, due to their size or weight, will require a custom shipping quote at the time of shipment. This will be explicitly stated in the items’ description.

*Shipping Fee estimates for pre-orders: Shipping fees for pre-ordered items are estimates not the actual amount you will be charged for shipping. The exact product weight or product dimensions are not always known at the time we list a product for pre-order. If you are pre-ordering a single item an estimated shipping fee is displayed. If you are pre-ordering more than one item the base fee and the price per pound that is charged for each shipment is shown. We cannot be certain which items will arrive together so a more accurate shipping estimate cannot be given. We recommend using the Storage option to ship items together and save money on shipping.

*Saving Money on International Shipping
We recommend that international customers use the Storage Option to help save costs on shipping. The Storage Option gives customers more control and flexibilty that is especially useful for shipping internationally. For more information please see our Pile of Loot Guide.

*Delivery Estimates
Delivery times vary depending on the shipping method selected. Each shipping method will display a delivery date or date range of when the shipment can be expected for delivery.

*If you are purchasing a pre-order, the estimated time of delivery to our facility will be displayed 

*The delivery estimate should only be used as a general guideline. There are many factors including customs clearance that can delay delivery. Shipments sent through a private carrier such as FedEx can have more reliable and consistent delivery times. Shipments that are sent through the mail can take considerably longer than the stated delivery times.

*Shipping Methods listed as Buyer’s Risk
Some shipping methods are declared as Buyer’s Risk. This means that you take all responsibility for lost or damaged packages. Once the shipment leaves our facility our responsibility ends. We will not issue refunds or ship replacements under any circumstance. These shipping methods generally do not offer tracking. If you select a Buyer’s Risk method you will be required to confirm your selection and acknowledge these risks before placing your order.

*Freight Forwarders
Freight forwarders can be an economical and practical shipping solution for customers living outside of the United States. There are some additional conditions to be aware of when using a freight forwarder. Please be aware that we use the term freight forwarder as a broad definition to include actual companies that specialize in freight forwarding as well as friends or family who live in the United States and are willing to ship packages to you.

*We are not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs after your shipment has been delivered to your freight forwarder. This means we will not refund or provide a replacement for any merchandise that has been exported beyond the original delivery address. To minimize this risk, you should instruct freight forwarders to refuse any shipments that arrive damaged.
Our return policy does not apply to any items shipped to a freight forwarder. All sales are considered final and may not be returned.
If the freight forwarder you are using has a U.S. address and you subsequently request that the items be exported outside of the United States, you or your freight forwarder are considered the exporter and must comply with all export and import regulations, including all U.S. export regulations and the import regulations of the destination country. BigBadToyStore must not be listed on any export documentation including but not limited to export declarations, invoice



Revised September 19th, 2020