Modo Paint MK-17 Aurora Purple

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MODO Aurora Blue

Volume: 20 ml (0.7 oz)

[Product Description]

Modo "Magic Aurora" series is a new generation of polarized color-changing paint. This series's unique feature is the outstanding "Color Changing Effect": the color-changing angle of view is more extensive so that it can maintain its hue under the color-changing effect. The texture is both pearlescent and metallic at the same time. Unlike traditional chameleon paints, Magical Aurora is more versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the desired color expression.


Can be used with glossy black or white paint, black background is recommended for best results. After finishing, apply glossy paint or matte paint for a different style. Just spray evenly. Too thick will affect the finished effect. Suitable for works with many curved surfaces and can show more color change than flat surfaces.



15 years and up.