Wonder Woman Humikane Shimada Ver.

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Kotobukiya's new line known as "Cross Frame Girl" makes a debut with Wonder Woman's Humikane Shimada version, named after the illustrator this design is based off of!

Adapted from Kotobukiya's website:

This kit includes three facial expressions (normal front-facing, normal left-facing, and yelling).

Her sword, shield, the Lasso of Truth, various armor parts, shield effect parts, and a simple base are also all included in this kit.

Each joint has a huge range of flexibility allowing for diverse posing such as arm cross posing like in the comics.

What is a Cross Frame Girl?

Cross Frame Girl is a collaboration series that combines Kotobukiya's original IP "Frame Arms Girl" and its advanced technology with other well-known media content.

The kits come with multi-colored parts and face parts pre-printed with tampography, making them easy to assemble with no paint required. The kits are equipped with 3mm joints and PVC hand parts, making them compatible with the weapons and armor of a majority of M.S.G Weapon Unit series, Frame Arms Girl, and Frame Arms series. Cross Frame Girl models is also compatible with currently sold Frame Arms Girl models so users can interchange head, arm, and leg parts for further customization options.

Ages 15+

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